"Finally i found the dentist that i was looking for since i moved to the Upland city. Very polite staff since the moment i walked in, very clean office. Dr took the time to explained me all about my Dental needs which i really appreciated, my experience was just great!. Thank you to all the staff"

Allen Dash Testimonial

Allen Dash

"My wisdom teeth had been bothering for the last past year, I finally decided they need to come out, I spoke to Dr. Salami and he explained to me why it was necessary to take them out. Despite how fearful i was of getting them removed, i allowed him to remove them. He took them out on a Friday and I returned to work on Monday with no swelling or pain,I had a great recovery!!! I am so grateful with Dr. Salami."

Priscilla Soriano

"My experience at Upland Dental Practice has been good so far. The dentists and staff obviously know how to deal with kids and we have never had a problem there."

Offelick Martin

"Upland dental has great dentists, the staff are very courteous too. It is good especially for kids."

Natalee Moreno

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