How Much Dental X-Rays Are Safer?

Radiations are all around, from sun to our home appliances and even medial X-rays that can damage human body’s cells and tissues. This may lead diseases like cancer and eventually death. However, this depends on the level of radiation your body is absorbing.

Additionally, technological advancements in dentistry have brought great ease and safety. The modern x ray machines emit milder radiation fraction. Key aim of inducting digital X-ray apparatus is to limit the radiation beam to affected area only and not beyond. This shuts down the spread of radiations in your body.

In digital dental X-ray equipment, high speed X-ray films are used which need shorter exposure time contrasting to previously adapted films. Film holders in these digital machines prevent slipping of the X-ray film in patient’s mouth to avoid the need of repeating X-ray process.

For better and improved results, we work under guidance of federal law requiring every X-ray machine to be examined every 2 years for perfect accuracy and safety.

To be more protective, lead-lined and full-body aprons are used to keep you safe of any mishap during dental X-rays procedure.

What's The Safety Level Of Amalgam-Type Fillings?

Dental amalgams are silver-colored fillings used for posterior (back) teeth filling. Though it’s very common in dentistry to keep your mouth healthy, in past few years, people got quite worried about its use due to presence of mercury which is a toxic substance. And of course, its embedding in human teeth can come up with serious ailments including autism, Alzheimer and multiple sclerosis.

Well, it’s a wrong concept. ADA (American Dental Association) and several other reliable health agencies have confirmed via scientific evidences that the use of amalgam-type fillings is safe and no side effects are linked to it. In 2006, National Institutes of Health conducted numerous studies at large-scale and established the same fact. In 2002, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reassured that amalgams are harmless as mercury used herein is mixed with metals like cooper, silver, tin and zinc forming stable alloy narrowing the teeth decay. This alloy is in use since centuries for teeth filing.

Another concern about amalgams is that mercury’s vapor release in patient’s mouth in smaller amounts. But ADA declines it as there exists no scientific evidence its adverse health effects.

Though causes behind autism, Alzheimer are unknown but still mercury-based filling is by no means responsible for any such problem.

What Possible Choices Are Available If I Want To Change My Teeth Shape?

As per your desire you can have numerous teeth shape changing options like recontouring, bonding, crowns and veneers. This all depends on what you want to do with your teeth, either to make them look longer, closing the extra spaces or need to repair the cracked or chipped teeth.

Recontouring is factually a teeth reshaping procedure. It’s also known as stripping, odontoplasty, enameloplasty and sometimes called as slenderizing. With this process the shape, length and even surface of your tooth will be changed through small amounts of tooth enamel.

Dental crowns are especially designed tooth-shaped ‘caps’ for placing over tooth. Once cemented into place, crowns completely encase all visible portion of your tooth lying at and above the gum line.

Dental bonding process involves use of tooth-colored resin material. This durable plastic material will be applied to your tooth surface which is then hardened with a special light. This is to ensure the material’s flawless bonding to your tooth.

Veneers also known as porcelain veneers are wafer-thin, customized shells of tooth-colored materials. These dental porcelain laminates are designed for covering your teeth’s front surface.

Cost, durability and time consumption varies from process to process. Hence, it is recommended to consult a dentist to see what option would be the best for you.

Visiting A Dentist Is Quite Horrifying For Me. How To Overcome This Fear?

First, never forget the fact that 9-15% Americans avoid visiting dentist for the same reason.  But no worries you can get rid of this phobia by talking to your dentist. This is the best possible way of overcoming your fear and your dentist will definitely come up with pretty good solutions. Once your dentist gets to know about your this problem of anxiety, he can use better ways for your counselling to lower the fear level. Moreover, he will surely give you more comfortable environment for treatment.

Numerous strategies are now available for reducing phobia of going to dentist or any other doctor. For this, different medications can be used like numbing the treatment area, using anesthesia and lasers for fast and relaxed treatment. You can also visit a ‘dentophobia’ clinic to cope with your dentist visiting phobia.

Toothpastes Are Like Weeds In Market; How To Choose The Best Suitable For My Teeth?

Fluoride is very much important for any teeth type and for people of all ages as it prevents cavities. So whenever you need to purchase a toothpaste, check out if it’s containing fluoride; if not then leave it right away. Excessive use of fluoride may result in tooth discoloration which can be permanent if not controlled. Especially be careful with kids as they can swallow toothpaste and huge intake of fluoride would have more drastic effects.

Only select toothpaste with ADA’s Seal of Acceptance which means it is officially approved by American Dental Association and is scientifically supported. If you have any dental problems then consult your dentist immediately and ask for his advice about toothpaste use. Your oral health needs much care and for this you can use whitening or tartar controlling toothpastes that have received ADA Seal of Acceptance.

You can bring into play your personal preference and select good in taste toothpaste. If your mouth feels good, so do the people around you. But if any paste or gel is creating itching, or irritation after brushing, quit using without any delay. If your teeth are extra sensitive then it is better to choose some medicated toothpaste.

Regular Dental Care Isn't Affordable For Me; Any Reasonable Resources Available?

Of course, several dentists are now easily reachable in every state of the country. They can provide you cost effective services.

Different dental society-sponsored assistance programs have also been introduced for people who cannot afford expensive dental treatments. Call your local dental society for all details about the low-cost care locations including dental school clinics and public health clinics.

You can search over internet or can look into local phone book to get information about any local dental society or association. You can easily locate these types of services in your community from American Dental Association’s website.

Do Whitening Toothpastes Provide Adequate Results?

Toothpastes actually work as mild abrasives for removing stained surface often developed on teeth. Whitening toothpastes are recommended by dentists because of their gentle polishing ingredients or chemical agents with extra stain removing capacity. However, they don’t contain bleach and may result in lightening your teeth color. On the other side, light-activated whitening treatments can even make your teeth 3-8 shades lighter.

Professional whitening products contain bleaching substance named hydrogen peroxide which helps in removing the stains not only at tooth’s surface but deep down giving more whitening effect. Chair-side bleaching and power bleaching carried out by any professional dentist will certainly have more positive output and your teeth can shine like stars which couldn’t happen in home used whitening toothpastes.

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