We meet new people every day needing an answer to their dental problems. Those who have lost teeth and need help can be certain at United Dental Care we will discuss all the alternatives. The traditional way to solve gaps in a smile is fitting dentures. Patients may need a complete set, top and bottom, or just partial dentures for just a few teeth.
Dentures are the cost effective solution. Plastic is the cheapest but porcelain even better. Dentures will certainly last a few years without a single set being a permanent solution to a patient’s problem.

Dentures can be removed at any time for cleaning, and indeed people often take them out anyway when they go to sleep.
Dentures fill gaps so the cosmetic benefits are obvious. Self-confidence is restored as soon as they are fitted.
Once dentures are fitted patients will find their speech improves.
There are few types of food that cannot come back on to the menu once the wearer becomes used to them.
Dentures are relatively inexpensive.

Dentures will feel strange initially. At United Dental Care we are happy to discuss the whole subject and can guarantee producing dentures that fit easily into the mouth. Any initial discomfort will soon disappear.
Patients that have severe problems and need teeth extraction, perhaps even a full mouth will need temporary dentures as soon as the teeth are extracted. Permanent dentures will fit properly once the gums have settled and that will be several weeks later.

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