Dental Whitening

At United Dental Care, we recognize our patients’ wishes to have a nice white smile. We offer an excellent tooth whitening service to help them all achieve that. While we avoid removing any of the surface of the teeth we work to lighten the natural color of those teeth that can become discolored over time. Discoloration can be caused by food, drink, smoking or simply age. Incidentally, whitening will not work on veneers or crowns.
Our dental team examine patients to advise on whether they are suitable for having a professional bleaching service.
One alternative involves putting gel on the gums or fitting a protective rubber shield. The whitener is then applied to the teeth using a tray that fits into the mouth similar to a mouth guard. The treatment usually takes three to four weeks beginning with an appointment to take the impressions needed for the mouth guard. Patients can continue their treatment at home by applying the whitener for periods of up to an hour over the next couple of weeks. At United Dental Care we will monitor our patients’ progress.
Alternatively patients can opt for laser treatment with gums once again protected as the bleach is applied to the teeth. The laser activates the chemicals speeding up the process of lightening the teeth by a few shades.
Home whitening kits are an option but we advise patients to discuss this with us if they are thinking about this alternative.
The effects are not permanent; three years is probably the average. It may well be longer for those that do not smoke and pay particular attention to their teeth. There are toothpastes that can be effective with stain removal even if they cannot actually whiten teeth. We are happy to provide advice at all times and would recommend:

  • Cleaning teeth twice a day including last thing at night
  • Reducing sugary drinks and foods
  • Regular visits to United Dental Care.

United Dental Care is proud of the service it provides to its patients. It loves to see them leave the clinic with a smile on their faces showing their lovely white smiles.

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