Dental Extractions And Alveolectomy

Surgical Removal of Infected Teeth

There are many dentists who perform dental surgeries for the removal of infected teeth. Most of the surgeries can take place with the patient in the dental chair. However, there are also some dental extractions which cannot be performed in the dental chair because the infected teeth have complex roots that might be curved or located somewhere close to the nerves in the lower jaw.

The infected teeth are usually identified by appropriate x-rays before performing dental extractions. Once the infected teeth are identified the dentist will then decide to perform a surgery to remove the infected teeth with their roots from the jaw. The infected teeth which are difficult to remove are simply removed by using advanced surgical tools and techniques. The surgery process can be performed in the dental chair by using local anesthesia or with or without sedation.

Here, we have many professional dentist surgeons who have the proper surgical skills to remove the most difficult infected teeth with ease. They also provide consultation to the patients for comfortable recovery period after performing the surgery. Below is the type of surgery which is performed to remove infected teeth.


Alveolectomy is considered to be the best type of dental surgery to remove infected teeth from the roots without facing any sort of complications. It is basically a pre-prosthetic form of surgery used for the removal of infected teeth. This surgery is usually performed when the infected teeth are removed in conjunction. In this surgery, after removing the infected teeth the remaining jaw bone is smoothened and also given a specific shape for the denture to make its foundation stable as there should not be any sharp edges. This type of surgery is usually performed in a day surgery by giving general anesthesia to the patient.

Recovery after Surgery

In our dental surgery the denture is usually placed within one to two days after the surgery. Recovery after alveolectomy is usually free of complications and the patient is given antibiotics, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to make the healing period comfortable effortlessly. We take extra care of our patients to facilitate speedy recovery. Your oral health is our first priority!

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